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AMBATECH Scholarship Board

Scholarship/Financial Aid

Education and Training requires money, and when it is not enough, the student and his/her career will be affected. Ambassador College of Management and Technology in her usual way, is willing to help by;

  • Providing financial assistance to students who need aid in order to begin or complete their studies. It must be noted, however, that the funds for
  • Financial Aid are provided by the institution and are limited. Students and their families are expected to finance their education. Financial Aid should be considered only as “Supplemental Assistance” based on students’ Academic Excellence. It is strictly manned by the (AMBATECH SCHOLARSHIP BOARD); dedicated to Scholarship and Financial Aid. AMBATECH has established procedures and practices which ensure fair and consistent treatment for all students.

The Polytechnic offers Financial Aid in form of partial scholarships (Tuition Fees) 50% to 100% based on: Academic Excellence OR Applicant’s financial conditions such as the orphans and the handicapped persons, the less privileged.

Available Courses

Paralegal Studies


Computer Science

Public Administration

Mass Communications

Secretarial Studies

Computer Engineering Technology

Business Administration and Management

Electrical/Electronics Engineering Technology